You are so talented Lindsey! The text that you wrote is just beautiful. I think you got absolutely right what I was trying to say with my works. That woman is the most important part of the image, even she is wearing all this beautiful clothes but it’s all about her at the first place.

-Russian artist Polina Knyazeva about my review of her illustrations for Rooms Magazine

March 6, 2013


Wow, Lindsey! You’ve done a terrific job, and under considerable time constraints as well! Thank you. Where did you acquire such skill with writing?!

-New England artist Roy Perkinson about his upcoming profile in the March/April issue of Artscope Magazine

Feb. 14, 2013



when i was four years old
they tried to test my iq
they showed me this picture
of three oranges and a pear
they asked me
which one is different and doesn’t belong?
they taught me different
is wrong

-ani difranco