NYU & cheese companies have the same taste in artists

It could just be because Van Gogh and Rembrandt are two of the greatest artists of all time, but I laughed out loud when I saw these two cheeses in the Associated Supermarket on 14th St.

I have no idea what Van Gogh knew about cheese (and he’s weirdly referred to as “Vincent” on the label), but it seems like this particular cheese company is trying to equate the artistry of their cheese with the masterpieces created by these two geniuses. Let’s just say, I sincerely doubt it.

I was lucky enough to get these two books from my lovely boyfriend, who got them from the NYU bookstore – and apparently, these were the only two artists who had their own books like these. I almost bought these cheeses once I saw that they featured the same artists as the books I’d just gotten, but I live in New York and cheese is expensive.

These photos were edited using the PhotoShop Express app for iPad:)

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