Studies show blogging reduces stress in new mothers

According to California’s KTVU, Brigham Young University researchers recently interviewed 157 new mothers who blogged and found it improved their well-being.

Blogging helps reduce feelings of isolation, whether it’s writing your own posts or reading those from others like you. Dr. Laura Davies, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, said she agreed, and that blogging is one of the ways to reduce stress because even if it’s only through comments and pageviews, blogging still connects you to others.

New mother and blogger Liz Stanley said, “For women to read blogs can also be a stress relief for them. Be able to connect and share ideas with women when they’re sitting at home where otherwise they might feel isolated.” Her own blog gets about a half-million views a month, most of which come from young mothers like herself.

Connecting with others is known to be one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety for everyone, not just for new mothers. With blogs and so many online communities popping up everywhere, anyone with an Internet connection can find connections with others as well and improve their own well-being.

Read KTVU’s whole story here, and check out Liz Stanley’s blog, Say Yes to Hoboken.