My new project:

I really want to share a new project I’ve been working on, Seeing Politics, where I’ve been collecting and posting screenshots and images about the current state of our politics, world issues, and the upcoming election. I’m hoping that by just posting images and titles, everything we see on TV and online can be reduced to one message, making it easier for both Republicans and Democrats to agree, or at the very least identify a very specific issue on which they disagree.
Everything in our world has become so convoluted with ifs and alsos. It makes it hard to see what the truth is, and no one seems willing to compromise in the slightest because it’s conflict that makes headlines. Hopefully by seeing all these headlines together, we can realize how silly it is that hatred and negativity is what we give all our attention to when we could be working together and making this country better. Once we start making it obvious that we need change, the media and Washington will have to do something since we’re the ones watching and voting. 
I’m also using it as an opportunity to post about political art and artists, because their interpretations offer a really great perspective on what we all have in common. 
Let me know what you think – and send me any images you think I should post!