Art on BART @Roll Up Gallery

Date: March 2014
Skills: Curatorial
Client: Roll Up Gallery

Photos via Roll Up Gallery (Facebook)

Art on BART continued indoors with an extended exhibition of works by the selected artists, hosted March 24 – April 20, 2014 at Public Works’ Roll Up Gallery in San Francisco, CA:

Public Works is proud to announce that ‘Art on BART’ would be stopping at Roll Up Gallery.

WanderArt is building a mobile app for public art that’ll let users share the street art they find, and they’re hoping to get the word out by bringing works by local Bay Area artists to BART cars. By filling all six of the ad spaces in the cars with six different artworks, they’re aiming to create mini moving galleries on the rails.

The six works were chosen around the word “escape,” each offering its own visual vacation for commuters. The selected artists include the Daly City collective Radio Free Clear Light, tattoo artist Sean Wirth, Berkeley painter Brendan Getz, art entrepreneur Arash Shirinbab, the SFMOMA Artist Gallery’s Jeffrey Thompson and Berkeley artist Gabrielle Wilson Sealy.

Art by:

Radio Free Clear Light

Gabrielle Wilson Sealy

Brendan Getz

Arash Shirinbab

Sean Wirth

Jeffrey Thompson


Photos of exhibition opening, by Roll Up Gallery / Betty Bigas via Facebook:


Installation photos of exhibition: