The Digital Museum: A Conversation between Loic Tallon and Julia Kaganskiy

For a special two-part interview in the Art21 Magazine’s “Invention” issue, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s chief digital officer Loic Tallon sat down with NEW INC director Julia Kaganskiy to discuss the recent developments in the digital role of museums and the future of their digital presence and influence.

I pitched, facilitated, and edited this extended two-part interview to explore how these two institutions are faring in their mission to make art more accessible through technology: In 2014, the New Museum founded NEW INC, the first museum-led cultural incubator. And in February of this year, the Met launched its Open Access policy, which made all the images of public-domain works in its collection accessible under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licensing—more than 375,000 images of artworks that are now available to use, share, and remix without restriction.

Read Part I and Part II of the interview.