Sophia Ainslie: “in person” at Kingston Gallery

Date: February 2013
Skills: Writing
Client: Artscope Magazine

Boston, MA – Two girls stretch atop ladders with bright colors on the ends of their brushes, carefully filling in morphing feathered sections of wall at the Kingston Gallery. Another girl stands to the left painting thick black lines that trace a projected outline, a slide created by Sophia Ainslie that combines her drawings into one mural design for this entire wall.

Ainslie has been working on this drawing series for the past four years, combining two sources of inspiration to represent the color and lined counterparts that dance and combine on an otherwise blank background. The dark lined spaces contrast with the color and emptiness that surrounds them. The left side of the mural is left empty compared to the colorful busy right side that greets you as you enter the gallery. Ainslie explained that this kind of balance was important, a kind of fading that reflects the wall mural’s temporary existence and works to keep from overpowering the framed works around the gallery as well.

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