Community Pop Up Art Gallery: Silent Auction, Live Painting, & Artist Talks

Date: March 2014
Skills: Curatorial, Design, Producing
Client: Public Works

In this one-night pop up local art extravaganza—initially conceptualized as the launch party for the Art on BART exhibition—live music was accompanied by a pop up art sale, complete with a silent auction, live music, live painting, and artist talks by the six artists whose work I selected to be featured in the BART ads. This pop up exhibition allowed me the chance to promote the work of those artists who applied for the Art on BART exhibition but were not selected.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Public Works, 161 Erie Street, San Francisco

live painting by Sugabus Media

live music by Sputnik von Rocket

16 local artists participating in silent auction

23 artists in pop up gallery

From featured artist Brendan Getz:

“The pop-up gallery at Public Works in San Francisco was scheduled to go on whether or not the ads on BART were funded, but when I arrived to drop off “Drake’s Bay” it struck me how much Lindsey was truly pulling the entire project off on her own. She told me WanderArt had a cofounder who created beautiful designs for the ad copy that featured our work, but the fundraising and the galleries were all Lindsey’s doing.

Her six selections for “Art on BART” were chosen around the word ‘escape’ and each individual piece seemed to echo that idea in its own way. Jeffrey Thompson’s textured abstract grid decontextualized the very essence of ad copy, while the collaborative group Radio Free Clear Light’s “Blood of Strangeness” was a digital work with a fragmented, ethereal landscape with just a touch of cowboy. Lindsey’s eye for cohesion and depth within visual art is by far what impressed me most.

But she’s also an incredibly hard worker, dedicated to keeping the artists informed every step of the way throughout the exhibition process. She drafted a clear, concise contract stipulating the agreement between WanderArt and the selected artists, and made sure I understood exactly what to expect and when. She featured artists who weren’t selected to be on the trains to participate in the pop-up gallery, which I viewed as such a kind-hearted, inclusive gesture that gave the one-night gallery the community-oriented feeling it deserved.”

Excerpts from the evening on YouTube: