Julie Tremblay’s Some Kind of Nature

Date: May 2012
Skills: Writing
Client: Woman Around Town

A human form, colored dark green and made of wire, dives to the floor but doesn’t quite make it. He’s suspended in mid-air, head up, arms open. This is “Hollow,” the premier piece of Julie Tremblay’s first solo show in New York City, Some Kind of Nature, now on view at 571 Projects.

“…I make work that, through a variety of untraditional materials, speak of what it’s like to a human being today, in a modern, desacralized world,” Tremblay said, “The sculpture’s gestures and imbedded symbolism become metaphors of social themes that have been underlying in my work for the last 15 years, such as the tension between individual and society and the collective unconscious…”

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