New York City’s Spring Art Scene: A Preview of March & May Shows

The first international art fair in the United States took place in New York City’s 69th Regiment Armory building exactly one hundred years ago this February. In March, artists and galleries from all over the world will take over Manhattan in celebration of this cultural milestone, honoring the courage it took to show international work at a time when America’s own art scene was still finding its footing. Now, that kind of worldly representation is sought after as the competition has both leveled out and globalized, each fair and gallery competing with the next to reach farther across the map in search of the artistically enlightened.

Most shows take place the second weekend of March, led by the massive Armory Show that begins Thursday, March 7th through the 10th. New York is granted a two-month reprieve before a second wave of art fair mania washes on shore the second weekend of May with Frieze New York leading the charge in its second year. Most fairs feature booth after booth of curated selections from internationally acclaimed galleries, but nearly every show has taken up a solo artist component as well that puts the spotlight on individual minds. In March the only partnership  occurs between The Armory Show and VOLTA NY, both owned by the same event operator MMPI offering cheaper dual fair tickets along with a complimentary shuttle running between the shows each day. In May, Frieze partners with PULSE NY, both shows acknowledging the VIP passes of the other for free entry, along with a complimentary shuttle as well.

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