Synthesized Seduction

Date: May 2013
Skills: Writing
Client: Artfetch

She sits in the back of a Jeep, gorgeous and ambivalent with a pink shirt glowing against her body drawn in black outline, white paper left bare to become her skin and white blonde hair. The image is digitized with detail — little arrows zoom in on particular parts of the scene to examine them conceptually. An orange box linked to a button on the dash shows a tiny car popping its hood, and a purple arrow pointing to the girl holds two copies of her face — in one she’s smiling and in the other she isn’t. This supplementary detail becomes a frame for the scene it explores; a busy but balanced composition.

Zak Smith‘s acrylic and ink works turn erotic scenes into graphic illustrations, always explicit and intricate but some more salacious than others. Like something you might see from a talented sex–driven comic book illustrator, the speech bubbles are exchanged for outlined details that are linked to the parts of the scene they explain, often crowding the image and becoming a collage of composite parts.

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