Digital transformation of “Yale School of Art in the World”

Date: September 2020
Skills: Design, Editing, Producing
Client: Yale School of Art

from an email digest to a location-filtered calendar & archive


I conceptualized of, pitched, and facilitated the transformation of the Yale School of Art’s term-time by-weekly newsletter into a location-filtered calendar and growing digital archive. The newsletter as it had existed since 2017 brought all news—publications, exhibitions, and events—from and featuring SoA alumni, students, and faculty into a single date-oriented listing. Now, that information is communicated via a location-filterable and subscribable calendar, an annual archive of publications, and a continuously updated and newly added list of ongoing initiatives—organizations, series, etc.—initiated by SoA community members.

In a post-COVID world of endless virtual meetings and emails, we wanted to provide this information in the most accessible way possible, so on September 30th we announced that Yale School of Art in the World now functions as both a calendar and an archive—updated throughout the year and all housed online here >>



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