“Graffiti as Gift: Street Art’s Conceptual Emergence”

Date: April 2019
Skills: Scholarship, Writing
Client: Nuart Journal

Published in Issue 2 of the double-blind peer-reviewed publication Nuart Journal.

Abstract: Drawing primarily on contemporary public discourse, this article aims to identify a divergence between graffiti and street art, and to establish street art as an independent art movement, the examples of which can be identified by an artist’s desire to create a work that offers value – a metric each viewer is invited to assess for themselves. While graffiti and street art are by no means mutually exclusive, street art fuses graffiti’s subversive reclamation of space with populist political leanings and the art historically- informed theoretical frameworks established by the Situationists and Dadaism. Based on two founding principles: community and ephemerality, street art is an attempt to create a space for visual expression outside of existing power structures, weaving it into the fabric of people’s daily lives.

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