Audio Concept’s “State of the Art”

Date: March 2013
Skills: Writing
Client: Artscope Magazine

Boston, MA – Audio Concepts’ Experience Center is comprised of numerous showrooms decked out in high-tech home theater systems — a store disguised as side-by-side living rooms and open aired spaces. Now, work from local artists and art students will cover these walls until August, as part of a new fine art exhibition called “State of the Art.”

The title plays with the dynamic created between technology and art, which is fitting since each room uses both to create its own distinct character, a character embodied by the room’s first impressions as you enter. Each room is named after a well-known literary figure like Thoreau, Kerouac and Verne whose personalities inspire the mood of each space, each dedicated to one artist like the wet abstract impressionism of Bonnie Lanzillotta and the bright architectural scenes of Arlene Greenspan.

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