Issues in Contemporary Art

Date: January 2019
Skills: Editing, Education, Producing
Client: Eastern Connecticut State University

A slide comparing a 2014 portrait by contemporary artist Jordan Casteel (left) with André Derain’s 1905 portrait of Henri Matisse (right).

As an adjunct professor at Eastern Connecticut State University, I developed original material for the writing-intensive course Issues in Contemporary Art, with an emphasis on unpacking art world structures and post-colonial critique.

Read the Spring 2020 syllabus.

The results of a description exercise that attempts to speak to multiple works by a single artist. Feb. 26, 2020.

As part of this course, I created the online journal, an ongoing editorial project serialized with each semester I teach.

This journal is comprised solely of submissions by students, and presents polished versions of assignments throughout the course, which include:

  • responses to both individual artworks and seminal pieces of contemporary art writing
  • opinion pieces arguing various objectives on contemporary art issues reaching as far back as the 1880s
  • exhibition proposals of contemporary work across a spectrum of themes and media (final project)


Access the online journal.