“Lost Horizons” at Howard Yezerski Gallery

Date: February 2013
Skills: Writing
Client: Artscope Magazine

Boston, MA – Line and color cut across the canvas chaotically, separated into thick blocks that wave and reverberate inside each rectangular world. Full of whimsical shapes and abstraction, these oil on linen paintings are the most recent work of Barbara Grad, currently on view in her solo exhibition, “Lost Horizons,” at the Howard Yezerski Gallery at 460 Harrison Ave. in Boston.

Some works are busier than others, filling every inch with intersecting lines, but all are complex and deep with layers of design that makes it seem possible to look past what’s right in front of you to something else, something more concrete. “Smarter View” shows disjointed segments of the same patterns floating above empty space, pieces of different puzzles shuffled against an ever-abstract background that fades to sketching, and finally to empty faded linen in the bottom-left corner.

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